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The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick – Nina Joy

“I don’t ever want anyone to say those words about me that we hear so often when someone dies: that they have ‘lost their battle with cancer. Firstly, I don’t see it as a battle. And I hate the idea of losing. Everyone has to die of something, don’t they? We don’t say of someone in a car accident that they ‘lost their battle with a lorry,’ do we? It feels strange talking about dying. I don’t feel as though I am. Maybe I will be around for quite some time yet; maybe I won’t. Equally I don’t want to be arrogant enough to presume I’ve got this licked…” Nina Joy.

Nina Joy was diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2012 and given less than twelve months to live. In her inimitable style, she decided that she wouldn’t remain a ‘Cancer Virgin’, but would learn what cancer survivors do to stay alive, and do just that. Nina’s story is brutally honest yet hugely inspiring. She could not and would not just accept the inevitable so Nina became a ‘Cancer Maverick’ – learning how to survive and even thrive while living with cancer. For anyone whose life has been touched by cancer; for relatives and medical professionals – this book shows how our human spirit can overcome nature’s poison. Nina was given 6-12 months to live over 3 years ago and now is a speaker and author helping anyone whose lives are touched by cancer to find hope. In this book – her memoirs – she is honest and inspiring about her continuing journey with cancer and why she went against most of the advice given initially, and found her own path to survival.



How to Be a Cancer Maverick – Nina Joy

‘How to Be A Cancer Maverick’ is Nina Joy’s follow-up to her highly successful book ‘The Adventures of a Cancer Maverick.’ Nina Joy was given just 6 – 12 months to live but has spent the last three years defying all predictions on her cancer prognosis by taking control of the management of her terminal illness.

Looking radiant and living a confident, fulfilled and pain-free life, since the publication of her first book Nina has taken daily calls on ‘how she is managing to live so successfully with cancer’, and how she continues to defy all the statistics that were given to her with her diagnosis. This book is the result of all that she has done and answers the many questions that she is asked on a regular basis.

A must-read for anyone interested in preventing this terrible disease from happening in the first place, for anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of cancer, and for those who want to know more because they have been touched by it through others.


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Thoughts, Hopes & Daydreams – Nina Joy

Use this book for journalling, visualising your fabulous future, and just generally being very YOU.

Use coloured pens (and glitter), stick pictures in it, and formulate your bucket list. Make it unique and fabulously YOURS. It can be used in conjunction with the ‘How to Be a Cancer Maverick’ where Nina talks about the importance of journaling and provides lots of advice and ideas of how to use her beautiful journal alongside the advice she gives.



Nina Joy - Cancer Maverick
Nina Joy – Cancer Maverick

Nina is proud to be Yorkshire born and bred and now lives in Leeds. She has always believed in having a positive approach to life, and remembers her dad teaching her very early on in life, that “you can if you think you can.” Her belief in positivity, and getting through tough times have been thoroughly tested following her cancer diagnosis, but luckily Nina loves a challenge. She feels that she had been training for this all her life, and she has used everything she’s learned personally and professionally to get where she is today.

Nina wants to share her experiences of what is often seen as a hopeless situation, to show others that this is not necessarily so. That there are choices to be made if you know what to look for and how to make the challenges she has had to. No-one put in a book what can be done following such a diagnosis, but now Nina shares what has helped her to defy her prognosis. As a professional speaker, Nina now shares her story of thriving and surviving with terminal cancer, with many charities, organisations, groups and with business audiences all over the UK. She believes that we can all achieve more than we think we can, and she is a testament to that fact. There is no need to wait for a life changing illness before you have to step up. Nina challenging audiences to do just that now, and not wait.

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